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Holy Cannoli!


A Cannoli is a delicious Italian pastry believed to have originated in Sicily around the first century A.D. It is a “tube-like” dessert that consists of a crispy fried pastry shell filled with Cannoli Cream (made from sweetened ricotta cheese). The Cannoli Shell is made from Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Vinegar, Salt, Vanilla, and Water.

I need one!  How much?


$2.50 each

Half Dozen $14.00

Full Dozen $25.00


Proudly hand made in our resturant in Watertown, MN



What is in Cannoli


• Ricotta cheese
• Confectioner’s sugar 
• Pure vanilla extract

What other Cannoli will we see at Geneo's


• Powdered Sugar

• Chocolate sauce
• Strawberries
• Cherries
• Strawberry sauce
• Caramel sauce
• Mini-chocolate chips
• Coconut
• Diced Candied Fruit
• Peanut butter sauce
• Mini-white chocolate chips
• Chopped nuts 


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